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Wild Wisconsin Notebook

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Discover Wisconsin's Wild Side

Featuring 144 short and fascinating nature essays grouped by season, this beautifully illustrated volume serves as a trailside companion year-round. Find out about black bears and blackbirds, walleyes and woodchucks, snow geese and snow fleas, all in your own backyard. Nature lovers of all ages will appreciate Buchholz's breezy style and wealth of outdoor knowledge. A must for anyone who enjoys wildlife watching in Wisconsin. Written by Jim Buchholz. 294 pages. Softcover.

Jim Buchholz has over 20 years of experience as a professional park ranger and state park superintendent for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Throughout his career, Jim has helped park visitors learn about Wisconsin's wildlife through his interpretive programs, guided nature hikes, and nature center display work. He lives in Plymouth, Wisconsin with his wife and three children.

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