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Rowe Pottery 2017 Collectible Santa

ItemĀ #: 5017-188
Price: $69.95 $34.95
We're sorry, this item is discontinued.


The Rowe Pottery Santa is Back Again Showing Off His Classic Style

Each year Rowe Pottery Works introduces a new Christmas Collectible Santa. The 2017 Rowe Pottery Collectible Santa is handcrafted and continues the tradition of firing in authentic cobalt blue salt glaze. Each Santa begins as a lump of clay that is hand carved to replicate drawings the Rowe artists develop. Hours of design time go into making him unique and personal each year. The artists hand carve the details based on the creative inspiration for the season, after the first Santa is perfected a mold is made of the piece and Santa is then slip casted for production. After he comes out of the mold, he is hand trimmed and hand decorated. A true work of art! It's sure to be a wonderful addition to your collection.

This year's Collectible Santa is busy in his workshop handcrafting each custom Rowe Pottery Jug. We love the detail in his face and the traditional brush strokes on each jug. Each Santa is holding a artist brush to show he is hard at work! Designed and crafted by the dedicated artisans of Rowe Pottery in Cambridge, Wisconsin. Approximately 8.5" Tall.

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