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Cheeseheads for Everyone!

Looking for a Cheese Head Hat? Then you've come to the right place. We have cheeseheads to fit every head. Our traditional wedge-shaped Cheesehead Hat is available in three sizes (see below for sizing information). In addition, we have many cheesy hats and accessories. See our full selection of cheesehead gear.

Cheesehead Sizing Chart

Cheeseheads are available in 3 sizes:

  • The Original Cheesehead Hat (aka Large Cheesehead) - measures approximately 14" on each side and fits most adults and teens. Fits a head circumference of approximately 23". Older children (ages 8+) with larger heads may want to size up to this hat for a more generous fit.
  • Youth Cheesehead Hat (aka Medium Cheesehead) - measures approximately 12" on each side. Fits a head circumference of 20-21". It is sized to fit children from 2-10. On rare occasions we have adults and/or teens with very small heads choose this size hat.
  • Small Cheesehead Hat - measures approximately 8.5" on each side, and fits a head circumference of approximately 15". Sized to fit babies and young toddlers. This hat will also fit most large dogs (we've seen it done plenty of times!)

Very Small Cheesehead Hats... We Have a Solution!

We don't want to leave the small dogs and cats out of the fun. We have creative ways to make cheesehead hats for them too! One of our customers sent us the photo below of his dachshund wearing the Cheesehead Antenna Topper. He simply taped on some velcro strips and rushed to take the photo. Another customer sent us a photo of their cat wearing the Cheesehead Magnet. Just a little string and a firm grip helped capture the moment!

Cheesehead Dachshund Cheesehead Cat

Visit our "Just Say Cheesehead" gallery for more cheesy photos and instructions on how to submit your own Cheesehead photo.

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