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Bluephies New American Cooking

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Recipes your Mom never made you!

Bluephies is not your normal restaurant. It's an eclectic blend of food, people, personality, and attitude. The restaurant has been around for a long time, in several reincarnations. They serve many flavors so it isn't possible to box them into one category. They strive to make the most fun food you've ever had, with new twists every time you look around. Enjoy this wonderful cookbook that celebrates the many flavors of Bluephies kitchen creations -- comforting and adventurous without being scary. The "All Dressed Up Meat Loaf" and "World Famous Home-style Mashed Potatoes" are an upscale version of what Mom used to make make. "Chile-infused Sweet Potatoes" and "Thai Peanut Chicken" wake up your taste without setting them aflame. "Retro Chic" is how the author, Bill Horzuesky, describes his food. Mostly, he wants you to have fun, so go ahead -- forget what Mom said, and play with your food. You'll be happily surprised with the recipes. Softcover. 138 pages. Written by Bill Horzuesky, head chef and co-owner of Bluephies (2701 Monroe Street, Madison, WIsconsin) and published by Itchy Cat Press in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.

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