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Always a Badger

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All-American tight end... basketball and baseball star... winner of Rose Bowl glory. Pat Richter's record as a University of Wisconsin-Madison athlete would be achievement enough for most men. But after making his mark in professional football and the business world, Pat Richter returned to transform the UW Athletic Department from a mediocre, nearly bankrupt sports program into a national powerhouse. 201 pages. Softcover.

Vince Sweeney combines his up-close experience of the events with unprecedented access to the movers and shakers to bring you an insider's glimpse into sports history. The controversy -- the drama -- the thrills -- and the remarkable determination of Pat Richter, the man who is ... Always a Badger.

Vince Sweeney is an award-winning sports journalist and former Los Angeles Times assistant sports editor. A Madison native and UW graduate, Sweeney currently serves as Senior Athletic Director at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He worked for Pat Richter from 1991 to Richter's retirement in 2004. Sweeney lives in Madison with his wife, Sharon, and their daughters Kelsey and Keara.

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