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After They Were Packers

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The Super Bowl XXXI champs & other Green Bay legends: Where do the heroes go when the cheering ends?

Few men know what it's like to scale the heights of Super Bowl glory -- or how it feels to come back down. Jerry Poling reveals the lives of the 1997 Super Bowl champions after they left the Packers. Some find their own way to contentment as ordinary men, while others struggle with demons too powerful to overcome. Also included are former greats Lynn Dickey, Don Majkowski and others from before the "New Glory Years." Career highlights, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of pro sports, and moving stories of tragedy and triumph -- it's all in "After They Were Packers" 282 pages. Softcover. Written by Jerry Poling, author of other books as well as the editor and columnist for the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.

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